Love your own bullshit

Some “time” has passed since my last entry. There have been many stories playing out in the perspective that is called my life. Stories of health/illness, love/loss, patience/persistence, life/death and boredom/freedom. You know…life. This incredible thing that appears to be happening in all directions at once and without my effort. And honestly, I have had … Continue reading

Reader Questions

Recently I have received some very insightful questions from a fellow blogger and reader. I will share them with all of you as they point to some interesting curiosities as I answer as honestly as possible.   In reference to my “realisation event”… May I ask, were you horrified, delighted or surprised – all three … Continue reading

All is concept.

        The story of “enlightenment” may not be recognised for what it is when it appears because it will not meet your previous expectations about what it should be. There are identities that the body/mind (or whatever you want to call it) likes to attach to and claim in order to validate … Continue reading


It is the ideas about the thing, not the thing itself, where desire and passion lies.    

Sweet Human Grossness

Enlightenment has no relevancy to which side you wish to play. It just brings into awareness whatever is happening now. What is happening now could be ugly and messy and shame and sick, and is still remains enlightened – made within the glowing light of a living life. I spent many years absorbing qualifiers to … Continue reading